Protect people and the environment

We value fair working conditions and the protection of our environment. Compliance with rules of conduct and regulations is important to us - by ourselves and all companies and employees with whom we work. Help us to uncover and remedy misconduct and grievances. 

As a customer, employee or business partner, you can report misconduct or breaches of rules and laws to us in a protected manner - even if you merely suspect them. Together, we protect all employees in our supply chains, our business relationships and our company. Your reports will be received confidentially and processed by our reporting office:

Creditreform Compliance Services GmbH
Hammfelddamm 13, 41560 Neuss

Contact us stating your name or completely anonymously. You will remain protected. Tracing is not possible unless you yourself provide information that allows conclusions to be drawn about your person.

Every report will be checked and the underlying facts clarified. A protected mailbox will be set up for you, through which an anonymous dialog is possible. As required by law, you will receive confidential information on how your report will be investigated and what action will be taken.

Thank you for your support!

Management Board of Pneuhage Management GmbH & Co. KG 

Please note: This system must not be misused to deliberately provide false or defamatory information. Any deliberate misuse will have legal consequences.

How our whistleblower system protects you

  • The system is like a locker, accessible from two sides.
  • Your details and files are transmitted encrypted.
  • We do not collect and receive any data for your identification.
  • A technical tracing to you is not possible.